Viplas, in addition to manufacturing new plasticising units, thanks to its equipment and experience, with extensive knowledge of use conditions and the variables that effect them, is able to provide plasticising screw and cylinder reconditioning services, especially helpful in providing a quick and inexpensive way to restore the plasticising unit to top performance levels.

Experience and partnerships with sub-suppliers, specifically specialised in processing and finishing, have allowed us to achieve high quality standards in this sector, to offer our customers reliable products, such as the reconditioning of plasticising units that were no longer meeting the initial productivity requirements.

Screws flights are rectified and welded with a special alloy (Stellite, Colmonoy, Castotig, etc.), followed by final rectification, nitriding and polishing. Cylinders are internally rectified to even out the hole by lapping and then nitriding to restore surface hardness even in depth.